Mixer Create




Broadcast 'gameplay' from your Android smartphone


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Mixer Create is a Microsoft app that lets you broadcast ‘gameplay’ directly from your Android smartphone. Other users can view your games live from their smartphones or the browser of any other computer.

When it comes to broadcasting from your smartphone, you’ll have several options. By default, you can record your own face using your front camera and it’ll appear on the lower corner of your screen. But, you can opt out of this option as well as connect or disconnect the microphone.

The users that are watching your broadcast can communicate with you via chat. You’ll get the messages in real time and you can even answer them directly from the app.

Mixer Create is an app that’s been specially made so you can broadcast images from your Android smartphone. But, you can also use it as a videoconference app or simply to get in contact with your friends.

Requires Android 5.0 or higher

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